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A private residence near the shores of Dundowran Beach in Queensland has captured the essence of contemporary living, entertainment and style.

With an east, west and central wing, this spacious home presents an exceptional display of Kennedy’s recycled timber.

Designed by Anthony Nelson, in consultation with the owners, the modern structure contains 34 pieces of feature timber gracing the front entrance and outdoor living space.

Appointed to assist the project with its signature niches, Michelle Clark of Essentially Residential suggested and sourced the wood stating “Kennedy’s offer the best in recycled timber available.”

Michelle also said “the design feel and aesthetics evolved around the timber, giving it strength of character, beauty and history.”

Testament to the design, recycled bricks from an old kiln were also applied to the wood fire pizza base, complementing the surrounding recycled timber beams and posts.

Having previously worked with Kennedy’s on several projects, Essentially Residential boasts an impressive history of innovative projects and awards, including the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) House of the Year.