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Our impressive range of hand selected timbers suit contemporary and traditional designs across the commercial and residential building industry.


Providing an eco-friendly, low-maintenance solution, resulting in a stunning charred look, this finish was inspired by an ancient Japanese technique originating from the 18th century.

Smokey Grey

Providing an appearance rich in character and very low in maintenance, this timber can be lightly wire brushed to deepen the grain prior to being coated in Kennedy’s specialised grey solution coating.


The unique sawn face markings from the original number one saw bench made generations ago in the steam-operated bush sawmill are purposely enhanced to the recycled timbers.


This finish is produced when large timber is sawn, resulting in square/rectangular cross sections. Sizes


Kennedy’s unique brushing technique enhances the timber’s individual patina and natural characteristics.


When precise sizing and a clean look is required, this is the optimal finish.