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Once deemed suitable for a single purpose, recycled power poles are making a fashionable come back within the timber industry.

Previously powering our local streets and towns, recut power pole posts and beams can now be found across a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Kennedy’s has developed world class protocols and specialised handling for all redundant timber products including power poles, bridge timbers, cross arms and general construction timbers. Once these timbers have reached their end of life service, Kennedys systems provide asset managers with a clear chain of compliance, in accordance with EPA requirements.

These extraordinary recycled timbers have now found a new lease of life within the Bell Tower of St John’s Cathedral Brisbane, the flooring of the Federal Attorney General’s office Canberra and the Tree of Knowledge memorial Barcaldine.

Assisting in the preservation of our remaining rainforests, locally and globally, this venture provides Kennedys clients with yet another quality environmentally friendly timber choice.

Spotted Gum
Grey Ironbark
Red Ironbark