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The Charcoal Finish provides an eco friendly, low maintenance solution, resulting in a stunning charred look.

Providing an eco-friendly, low-maintenance solution, resulting in a stunning charred look, this finish was inspired by an ancient Japanese technique originating from the 18th century. The intent of this method is to preserve the wood by charring it with fire to weatherproof it first. The wood is burnt until the case of the timber is charred, followed by a coat of oil to seal the finish.

Kennedy’s offers two options for the charcoal finish – option one includes carrying out a similar technique to the Shou Sugi Ban process of burning the external case of the timber followed by sealing it in a natural oil. This option would be beneficial for clients who desire a raw and real character, as the surface of the wood can take on a crackled look.

Option two can consist of any other texture finish, such as Kennedy’s dressed, hand brushed, sawtooth or sawn finish, followed by a coat of oil. The difference is that the oil has a black ash tint to it, achieving the same colour finish as the burnt look, however, the texture of the timber can differ depending on your specifications. If using timbers externally, Kennedy’s recommends specifying class one durability timbers.