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Eco sustainability and an innate convergence with the environment are key to the design success of a new kiosk, amenities building, boardwalk, and pergola at Regatta Foreshore (Toronto, NSW).

Constructed almost entirely from timber, chosen to echo the original boathouses and sheds that once lined the shores of the lake, the beautiful unforced buildings meld perfectly with their lakeside setting.

The inspired use of Kennedy’s recycled Red Ironbark and Turpentine, and new Spotted Gum, in these discreet structures absolutely glows when bathed in natural sunlight, soaking up all the colours of the natural backdrop.

With clean lines, and the absence of noticeable projections, the buildings maintain a subdued and unassertive quality. The rippled reflection of the warm timbers on the lake’s surface sets a tranquil stage for a perfect day out with the family.

Day Bukh, with a clear passion for designing buildings with sensitivity to the surrounding environment, were an excellent choice as architects for this project. Day Bukh were instrumental in their resolve to incorporate the chosen timbers over other options. Aside from the obvious visual appeal, their selection resided in the timber’s structural integrity, rich natural patina, and long term performance.

The successful design and scale of the buildings has resulted in an uninterrupted connection to the water, jetty and the existing bathing pools.

2010 Winner of the Australian Timber Design Awards – Public or Commercial Buildings & Peoples Choice Award

Recycled Red Ironbark, Recycled Turpentine and New Spotted Gum.

Day Bukh Architects