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Located in the inner city suburb of Kedron, the Queensland Emergency Operations Centre (QEOC) is a world-class, best practice, management facility provisioning all coordination and communication for the State’s emergency and disaster response efforts.
With staff often faced with highly charged and stressful situations, the incorporation of cutting edge technology within an environment promoting calm, organisation, and efficiency was a primary goal for architects, and principal consultants, Architectus

In any workplace that relies heavily on technological infrastructure there is always a danger of the environment becoming sterile, with a focus on efficiencies over aesthetics. This is not the case for QEOC however.

Architectus, well known for excellence in design and construction, chose Kennedy’s timber for use extensively throughout this development.

QEOC has been designed with a ‘campus’ style feel featuring a number of courtyards composed of generous timber decks. These spaces provide an important ‘retreat’ for staff away from the Centre’s operational spaces.

The recycled hardwood used for timber screens and decks was not only a strategy for sustainability, but also provides for a calm and enclosing feel which was seen as important to these break out spaces. All timber used throughout the development was of Class 1 durability (graded to RFG1).

Internally, timber lined pods create a sense of warmth while also providing effective noise dampening. From the quiet meeting rooms to the open, flow through spaces, workers enjoy encompassing vistas enriched by the tranquillity rendered by Kennedy’s recycled timber.

The end result is a building that exudes a unique organic feel, providing nurturing and humanised spaces appropriate to the look and feel of the subtropical environment of South East Queensland.

All timber Class 1 durability recycled hardwood RFG1 grading
7.5 kilometres of precision profiled K-Battens
850 square metres of pre-fabricated recycled hardwood screening
1230 square metres of precision profiled commercial decking
A selection of purpose built exterior seating
A wide selection of seasoned structural timber

All timber used throughout the development was of Class 1 durability (graded to RFG1).