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A culmination of local talent commissioned by the Sunshine Coast Council and Translink, the new $10 million Noosa Junction Station offers an exciting gateway to a renowned and trendy beachside community.

Ensuring the design complemented the lush surrounds, yet provided essential functionality, was the team at Bark Design Architects.

Kennedy’s premium recycled Class One Durability Spotted Gum and Ironbark timber plays an important role in the completed development.

Welcoming a vast number of visitors each day, the distinctive hand brushed recycled timber arbor frames and heavy duty feature timber seating blends beautifully with the modern space. Reclaimed from the Mackay Wharf, the recycled timbers were structurally graded to the industry standards of RFG1. Both the arbor and seating timbers were prepared in-house by Kennedy’s expert joinery team, saving both time and considerable expense for the principal contractor.

With design principles including the combination of a structured yet natural form, Kennedys premium recycled hand brushed timbers were the perfect environmental choice for this project.

Built by Goldings and Cribb Constructions + Fitout, the Noosa Junction Station is an accomplished display of form, function and celebration of the natural environment.

Kennedy’s premium recycled Class One Durability Spotted Gum and Ironbark timber

Class 1 Durability Recycled Hardwood RFG1 Grading

Pergola Timber 200mm x 100mm

Heavy Duty Seating Timber 300mm x 300mm and 200mm x 200mm

Screening Timber Various Sizes

Hand Brushed and pre-coated with Cutex CD50

Timber was sourced from the original Mackay Wharf, built in 1939 and dismantled in 2004.

Bark Design Architects

Cribb Constructions + Fitout