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Recognised for its exceptional durability and unique grain, Kennedy’s recycled Red Ironbark timber is the feature product of the new Mango Hill Tavern bar.

Salvaged from the Fernvale rail line, this Red Ironbark bar demonstrates the ideal use of recycled timber; rich in versatility, history and strength.

Behind the innovative design is Luis Nheu of Brand + Slater. Luis describes the inspiration for the layout as a “timber theme that is carried through from bistro to bar. The heavy Red Ironbark was chosen for its incredible colour, character and presence resulting in an extraordinary raw e ect that resembles the look and feel of a timber yard.”

Functional in purpose, the front side of the bar welcomes patrons with a design that holds true to the timber’s origins, highlighting its incredible colour palette and ability to warm any space.

Terry Wiseman, Director of Wise Designs, who has been instrumental in the construction of the tavern describes the timber bar as a “new twist on an age old structure; a striking centre piece o ering an outstanding look and a different take on a modern day bar.”

The bar is further complemented by a 2.5m x 3m Red Ironbark feature wall, reinforcing the timber yard concept in a high-end design that perfectly demonstrates the adaptability of recycled timber.

QHA Best New Hotel/Tavern 2009

Red Ironbark

Salvaged from the Fernvale rail line

Brand + Slater

Wise Designs