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Located at Currumbin on the Gold Coast, The Ecovillage is a superb, contemporary display of green residential living.

A natural choice for this community, Kennedy’s recycled timbers now feature in two sustainable homes within the village.

Designed by Rob Norman (Symbiosphere) and incorporating the expert interior design work of Sally Stent (Refound Sustainable Interior Design) the recently completed Tallowood House is an inspiring testament to modern, sustainable living.

Over 1100 pieces of Kennedy’s mixed Australian Eco-Lay timber lays ground to the impressive flooring in this private residence.

Precision milled from reclaimed timber, Eco-Lay Flooring can be laid over any existing sub-straight floor, direct to your concrete slab or ply.

An equally durable product to traditional timber flooring, its unique surface height provides a smooth transition to adjoining floors, including carpet and tiles.

Easy to install Eco-Lay Flooring is pre-straightened and can either be fully glued to the sub floor and/or secretly nailed, ensuring a clean finish.

Eco-Lay Flooring is available in a range of species including Tallowwood, Blackbutt Blend, Spotted Gum Blend, Grey Ironbark Blend, Red Ironbark Blend and mixed species.

An innovative product in the Kennedy’s elite line of green timbers, Eco- Lay Flooring is ideal for residential and commercial projects.




Over 1100 pieces of Kennedy’s mixed Australian Eco-Lay timber